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Inventory, Moving & Storage

California Emergency Services will perform inventorying, packing and moving services of the necessary property.

Moving and Storage

In the event of a catastrophic disaster that causes considerable damage to the structure or contents or in the event that security of personal property becomes an issue (remodeling, reflooring, structural damage from wind or vandalism), California Emergency Services is a full-service moving and storage company.

CES begins this process by taking detailed photographs of the entire area to be packed so that there is a record of the room set up and contents in it. All small contents (dishes, china, pots and pans, books, decorations, photos, keepsakes, etc.) are then inventoried and packed into boxes. All boxes are numbered and coded by room and a complete typed inventory is given to clients so they know exactly what we have and what condition it is in.

Furniture and larger items are inventoried and a condition report is completed for each item. If any crating is necessary, these services are provided. Then all furniture, crated items and boxed contents are removed by professional movers from CES and taken via truck or van to the CES warehouse for processing and storage.

While in our possession, all personal property is covered, stacked and stored in a storage area specifically designated for your property. When it is time to return your personal property, CES will reset all furniture items in position, unpack all crated and boxed items and reset these in their original position. Our detailed inventory, notes and photographs will facilitate this process to return your home to its original condition.

California Emergency Services carries all relevant insurance's for personal property while in transit as well as storage. We are also bonded and our warehouse is alarmed and monitored.

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