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Personal Property

Personal Property

It may seem that as long as the fire is out, the damage is done, but that is simply not true. Moisture from the air combines with smoke to make an acid moisture that over time can weaken the fibers of upholstered furniture and materials as well as leave etchings on the surfaces of wood, metal and plastic. Thus it is imperative to act as quickly as possible to mitigate the existing damage and prevent secondary damage.

California Emergency Services relies on a number of time-proven methods to take care of cleaning/restoring all of your personal property including: all furniture, electronics, china, crystal, dishes, books, pictures, keepsakes, clothing and most items found in a typical household.

CES restores and deodorizes all personal property adhering to the recommended cleaning methods for each individual item. Special attention is paid to each and every item to ensure that it is restored to its pre-disaster condition or as close as possible. All items are then inspected by a supervisor and are ready for your use.

When addressing smoke damage, CES relies on a citrus degreaser that cuts through the smoke to restore items to their pre-disaster condition. In the event that items are contaminated from water or sewage, we utilize a decontaminating detergent to remove any contaminants. We also use specialty sponges, which are a great cleaning technique for items that cannot get wet such as books and important papers. Wood soaps, paste waxes and oils are used for wood furnishings. Steam-cleaning is relied on for upholstered items. Other cleaning solutions are also utilized such as glass cleaners, dish detergents, silver and metal cleaners as well as many others.

We also employ the services of a fabric restoration company to take care of all clothing and fabric items as well as a specialty electronic company to address all electronic components (including disconnecting and reconnecting them if necessary).

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies California Emergency Services in the area of Fire and Smoke Restoration.

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