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Cleaning & Restoration - Structural

Some disasters leave a film or deposit that requires cleaning. Smoke or a contaminant are just a couple of examples. California Emergency Services is well-versed in providing cleaning services on all structural elements in a residence or building.

Cleaning & Restoration -- Personal Property

California Emergency Services is highly experienced in dealing with the cleaning and restoration of personal property. This includes nearly every item you find in a residence or business. We will return your personal property to its pre-disaster condition.

Deodorization & Odor Removal

There is nothing worse than the presence of a malodor. From smoke to mildew to animal odors, California Emergency Services can handle all of your deodorization needs.

Emergency Moving & Storage

In the event of a catastrophic disaster that causes considerable damage to the structure or contents or in the event that security of personal property becomes an issue (remodeling, reflooring, structural damage from wind or vandalism), California Emergency Services is a full-service moving and storage company.

Total Loss Inventory & Debris Removal

Anytime there is a disaster, there will be certain items that cannot be restored to their pre-disaster condition. California Emergency Services can assist in compiling a list of these items in a manner that is acceptable to insurance companies. CES can also take care of the disposal of these items as well as any personal property that is considered a health hazard condition.

Specialty Services

Coming Soon.

Water Damage

Water disasters can cause a tremendous amount of damage without the results being immediately obvious. California Emergency Services is highly experienced with both small and catastrophic sized water damage disasters as well as the cleanup of both clean and contaminated water.

Mold Remediation

Mold contamination can cause minor to very serious health problems for building occupants. California Emergency Services is trained and certified to provide mold remediation services and restore an affected structure and the contents to a healthy condition.

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