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Mold Remediation

Mold contamination is a major cause for negatively affecting indoor air quality.

Mold Contamination
Mold Remediation

This can in turn cause minor to very serious health problems for building occupants. Identifying the source of microbial contamination and the extent present is the first step in providing remediation services. California Emergency Services is trained and certified to provide mold remediation services.

Relying on an experienced environmental company that specializes in the analysis of microbial growth, a plan of action is then drafted that CES will adhere to in order to address the affected areas and contain the contamination. This is particularly important as an inexperienced person could actually do more damage by not following the proper code of containment and using the proper barriers.

Both structural elements and personal property are addressed to return them to a pre-disaster condition that is safe. Air quality is also addressed so that upon the completion of services, the area is safe for all occupants.

Environmental Testing & Technology certifies California Emergency Services in the area of Mold Remediation in Buildings based on the IICRC S-500, IICRC-S-520 and the ACGIH guidance document, bioaerosols assessment and control.

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