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Total Loss Inventory & Debris Removal

In a disaster where personal property cannot be restored to pre-disaster condition, California Emergency Services can assist in compiling a total loss inventory.

Debris Removal

Anytime there is a disaster, there will be certain items considered a "total loss". There are three reasons that an item is deemed a total loss. One, the item is damaged so severely that it cannot be restored to its pre-disaster condition. Two, it is not economical to restore the item to its pre-disaster condition. Three, it is not safe to restore the item to its pre-disaster condition. California Emergency Services can assist you in determining if something falls into one of these categories.

We photograph all items and then list them with as many details as possible - physical description, size, brand, model and serial numbers, and location in home. All information is categorized and alphabetized on a computer printout then provided to both you and an insurer in a format acceptable to insurance carriers.

Total loss lists are very important to both you and your adjuster. They allow the adjuster to see your actual losses in terms of personal property and it is only with the list that the insurer can begin the process of reimbursing you for your personal property losses. They are also important to you as they provide a valuable starting point in allowing you to see what you will need to replace in order to get your life back to normal.

After your total loss list has been approved by both you and your insurer, CES can then remove all total loss items and dispose of them accordingly. This is called a debris removal. CES can also take care of all the moving and disposal of contaminated items or items posing a health hazard.

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